Only recently did we discuss OUR identity in God as revealed by Christ; the understanding of which could and would change everything. One time we were in darkness, now, we move. This wouldn’t be some lengthy post like the last, there would be no boring gist. We are not here to PLAY. haha!

Times without number, I’ve heard people talk about GRACE like it is something added to the cooking ingredients of man to make man all curried up. Not to worry, I’ve also done that. However, Grace didn’t come to hype man or lie to make man beautiful. Grace is all for TRUTH.

“If not for Grace, where would I be?”

Of a truth, if not for Grace, we would still be in darkness, i.e. ignorance. Remember again I said Grace didn’t come to hype you or lie. All grace came to do was REVEAL your worth and true place in God; bring to light the awesome that you are. Do you feel inadequate? Insecure? Worthless? And full of all things displeasing before God? Hang on, Grace has a little something for you today.

“What is man that You are mindful of him, and the son of man that You care for him?” – Psalm 8:4

Consider your mind as a human. In what way can you measure it? The “mind” of this body, as we know it, is immeasurable, beyond measure, endless, infinite, huge, enormous, I can go on and on though. In physical terms, it is dimensionless; without dimension, inestimable. By no means can it and would it be measured. Not in this life. Remember when Abraham was given the opportunity to count the sand at the sea shores? The opportunity to count the stars in the sky? It’s about the vastness of space. He could in no way measure. Likewise your mind. It is in no way measurable.

We move on to what Grace yet seeks to reveal today. In the light of the same understanding that we have about our mind, consider God being MINDFUL of You. Deconstructing the word MINDFUL, we realize God’s MIND is FULL of you. He isn’t just mindful (i.e. aware) of you. His mind is actually full of you. I know you haven’t seen the twist yet. Haha! With the beginning thought that our mind alone is quite dimensionless and infinite, I beg you to consider what God’s mind would be like. Of course, God’s mind is in fact just as vast (if there’s such a word as vaster sef. LOL).

However, this isn’t the bone of contention 😉. Grace seeks to reveal there’s something actually capable of filling God’s DIMENSIONLESS mind. What could that possibly be? Just so you know, for a container to be full, the content has to be of same dimension. You think you are worthless? Grace would like to have you know you, in fact, have a worth that is so great a value cannot be placed on it. You are that infinite essence that fills God’s infinite mind. To God, you are of valuable essence, your existence isn’t a waste.

How can whatever fills God’s (Love’s) mind be inadequate? Alone? Insecure? Worthless? Or even lack LOVE? Just HOW!


All God knows is YOU. Be at PEACE, for you are COMPLETE; because God. God doesn’t think you less than Himself. God considers you just as valuable as Himself. You are INVALUABLE, LOVED, ACCEPTED, COMPLETE, SECURE, RIGHTEOUS, WORTHY, INFINITE.

“How precious also are your thoughts of me, O God! How vast is the sum of them. If I could count them, they would outnumber the sand. When I am done counting, I would only be beginning” – Psalm 139:17-18


Be YOU; because YOU are the most important infinite essence to God.


I beg us to consider and meditate on this, for when you realize your worth, you ultimately realize your neighbor’s. Do have a great week ✌️