Rebuild Trust



Trust, like the tower of Babel, can come crashing in seconds: irrespective of the year taken to build, irrespective of the efforts put in to build, irrespective of the people that helped to build. Trust in every relationship is basic and a necessary monument. One that should never be disregarded or unnoticed.

YES!!! Trust is worth rebuilding. Unlike the tower of Babel that was built on efforts of men alone, TRUST should be rebuilt on the GOD-basis. Never impress another, let God (LOVE) do the impression. LOVE prevails.


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LOVE Believes

LOVE Trusts
Love never stops being patient, never stops believing, never stops hoping, never gives up

Today, I learned every relationship needs trust to make it last and work. However, there’s no trust without understanding. So, thorough knowledge of the other in that relationship births a trust according to the level of understanding acquired. This knowledge has increased my understanding in my relationship with God. God [Love] understands ALL things about each and every one of us. He KNOWS all of us, because He’s our essence. God trusts us, and His trust in us is ABSOLUTE. There’s nothing we can do to bring it crumbling down.

Our understanding of God daily increases our trust in him. I’m also learning our understanding of God daily increases our trust in other people around us. Because God is the essence of ALL things.

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watch your step.

I’ve been going through lots of blogs, and with all I’ve seen so far, I decided not to be too serious in writing this post!.. I think! But still, I let Him take the wheel since it’s really not about me!!

I have just realized how sad most people feel after a while of giving it all to God, due to their peculiar situations. Most people put on their pretense button, making people feel all is happening well with them (me included before I wrote this post tho!!) So if you are like the old me, this post is for you. Enjoy! Continue reading