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being buried with him in the baptism, in which also ye rose with him through the faith of the working of God, who did raise him out of the dead. ~ Col 2:12 [YLT]

The faith of the operation of God was of works. Christ, the faith of God, carried out the salvation of mankind (better put, worked out the salvation of mankind on the cross). This was the operation of the faith of God – from the heaven to earth, from earth to cross, from cross to tomb, and from tomb to the Father’s right hand. God believed so much in the salvation of mankind through Jesus and He knew very well that all of mankind was included in this operation at the cross (in this solution/calculation/work).It’s not mere impulse, it was a work done. God is at rest, and because of this, you deserve some rest also. God’s faith was with works, you and I partook in it.

You are forever embraced by God.

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Oh! Before I start to share my bit on Christmas and what I’ve learnt this year, I first apologize (yeah, I know I always apologize. LOOL) for being away for long. I’ve been taking my time learning and enjoying the awesomeness of life. Basically, my year in summary.

Okay, down to what I have to share…


Emmanuel means “God with us”. Emmanuel is God in the flesh. The incarnate Word. From our basis, we see that God is love. Hence, God = Love = the Word = Jesus. Any word from God should be about His nature which is Love, and Jesus is about this same love. The question is “how?”. Follow me as we walk this together. God is love as a Spirit, Jesus is love as Spirit incarnated. Simply put, Jesus is God (which is love) in flesh.


Now, the message in the name Emmanuel is awesooome, how? We already know it means “God with us”, but we know not how. Again, let’s walk and see this beauty together.

WHO IS EMMANUEL? – Emmanuel is the baby Jesus, the brightest of God’s glory, the express image of the Father. His life is the light of all men. The true light that enlightens every man coming into the world. God’s glory simply means Love’s opinion and judgement of you (of the world). When you see Emmanuel, you see God’s opinion of you and the world around you. He’s not bias. Seeing Emmanuel’s life brings light to your understanding. It enlightens the darkness our minds create about who we are.

WHY EMMANUEL? – Scriptures say when we behold as in a mirror Emmanuel, we would see and remember who we are. The false and dark ideas of who we are would come to change when we know for ourselves who we are and what love sees and says about us. This is the reason for Emmanuel’s birth. He came to show who we really are. He came to show our worth. He came to show God’s (Love’s) perfect opinion of us. As Emmanuel is, so are we in this World.


Now, I think we know who Emmanuel is. Emmanuel is God’s perfect opinion of YOU. Emmanuel is YOU. You are Love in the flesh. The core of our being is LOVE. Our only essence is LOVE. Emmanuel shows our true identity. Love with us. We can never be separate from LOVE, for love does not only tabernacle with us, love is our life – for by love we live, move and have our being.

This is Emmanuel – LOVE with us, LOVE in us and LOVE as us.



Okay… now Emmanuel was born, to bring this light to our darkened and fallen mindset of us and God. That we should know our true identity and know that we have always been on point. It is Christmas and we celebrate our true identity. Emmanuel is our true identity – LOVE as us.

This is a season that never ends. We are love beings, always in the season of love. This is who we are, this is the core of our being (as well as your neighbour and everyone you see). We are not just celebrating the birth of Jesus, the baby, this celebration should also be in remembrance of God’s perfect opinion of you and the world.

So, this is my take on Christmas upon all I have learnt this year, 2014. Awesome year for me. Learning God’s perfect love for you and I. Every day for me is Christmas. LOOL. For I live every day to love the man next to me because his DNA is same as mine – of Love.


So, I’m leaving a great year unto a greater one. This year was my year of discovery. Discovering my true identity in our Father, which is LOVE. Year 2015 is my year of EXPLORATION. You can join me on this by following the blog for monthly discoveries, and share with friends and family, as we keep on listening to our Father’s heart. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR IN ADVANCE 😉 😀

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You are mine

YOU Are Mine

Hello guys, We shall be talking a few things today. I know we already have SIGHT. So, we begin…

You do realize the only reality the clay has is the Potter’s idea, the life a son has is from the seed of the father. ALL of these happens by Nature. God didn’t accept you because you accepted Him, NO! This is why He is Father, HE accepted you first. He accepted you already. Have you been told over the years to accept God before He accepts you? Or do you think it’s entirely impossible for a “HOLY” God to look upon a “SINFUL” you and see anything GOOD? Hence, you have concluded in your heart to be all the bad you can be and enjoy the HELL that follows after.

I’m here to inform you that your God and Father already accepted you while you were conceived in His womb, He already accepted you before you were born, He accepted you before you ever did anything or said anything, He has always been excited about you. YOU WERE NEVER REJECTED. Throughout the ages, you have been accepted and you would always be accepted by Him. He is excited and you are the reason He is. Your Father is a Father that loves and cares for His own. You have never been rejected by God AND YOU NEVER WOULD BE.

Be at PEACE, Rest in Daddy God’s embrace of LOVE. Your God and Father has put His peace in your heart. I DECLARE HIS LOVE FOR YOU, whoever you are regardless what you have done or said. His love for you has never been apart from His calling you His own. Father organizes a rejoicing everyday because YOU ARE HIS CHILD.


His LOVE for you is beyond your imagination, hence, I think it would do a lot awesome to have your imagination REST in His LOVE for you.

You are His creation, you are His SON/DAUGHTER. Because of Christ, you now know Daddy GOD has always been saying SON, PERFECT and ACCEPTED. Rest, Christ has done it.


…the Father you thought never loved you is IN LOVE WITH YOU. Rest in the KNOWLEDGE of this. Have a splendid day 😀

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Before TIME

The show of Christ on the Cross was not the point where God’s love for you entered existence. It wasn’t at the Cross that He loved you first. The cross was a demonstration [show] of how that He loved you first and much. He loved you before the cross, He loved you at the cross and He loves you after the cross. It was His love that made you, and His love says ACCEPTED, His love says SON, His love says PERFECT, His love says REST. Amen!




…the One who created you is IN LOVE WITH YOU. Rest in the KNOWLEDGE of this. Have a splendid day 😀

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Remember THIS

Most times, we forget a little something and end up in worries and struggle and plenty plenty of strive. We think a lot on what helps not, and begin to search our outside for what lies within. This “thing” we forget sometimes or most times is nothing but THE LOVE OF GOD FOR US. How can we think on this though when we have no idea what it means for God to love us.


It is all fine, we would grow daily realizing this… Just remember this when you think all hope is lost: YOUR FATHER IS LOVE AND HE GOES ALL OUT FOR YOU. HE GOES MILES OUT OF YOUR IMAGINATION TO SEE YOU AT REST AND IN PEACE. Just when you think you’re not responsible and He has left you, remember HE IS WITH YOU AND HE WOULD NEVER LEAVE YOU. When you think there’s no one there looking out for you, remember HE PROTECTS YOU. When you think you have angered him, remember HE IS PATIENT. When you think you have messed up and taken wrong decisions, remember HE TRUSTS YOU. He loved you at your darkest, what else does He not know about you that He hasn’t loved? Nothing. He loves EVERYTHING about you. His love for you is ETERNAL and He does not REGRET loving you.


Always think on His LOVE FOR YOU, He wants you to REST. Be SAFE


Remember this… the One who created you is IN LOVE WITH YOU. Rest in the KNOWLEDGE of this.

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