On Issues of IDENTITY

A time in my life, after I was “SAVED”, I still didn’t feel SAFE. A friend made this statement yesterday that resonated within me.

“It is a terrible thing to live without knowing how awesome you TRULY are” – Effiong (The Rabbi).

Without realizing the awesome that you are, every decision made would be made out of uncertainties and fear of the unknown. Even for someone who “received” Jesus and was SAVED. He still doesn’t feel SAFE, because ignorant of what REALITY is. In my observation, it all began from hearing wrong about self. Listening to some pretty unhealthy news about Self.

From birth, we heard the news that we all sinned in Adam, and we carried on making Adam our reference henceforth. We made Adam our identity, the “one” who had the separation mindset since Eden. Hence, hearing the unpleasant news about ourselves. Leaving us ignorant of Who We Truly Are. Separated from our true identity, we hence lived life from a deluded mindset; living out the darkness initially meant to help us experience the light that we are.

“And because we do not know WHO WE TRULY ARE, we therefore live out WHO WE TRULY AREN’T”

We became blinded to a life that was supposed to be of PEACE, LOVE, ACCEPTANCE, UNITY, ASSURANCE, HEALTH and REST, and started to live out a life of WAR, HATE, REJECTION, DIVISIONS, FEAR, SICKNESS and LABOR. All because we made Adam our reference point. Again, a separated mindset. A lost IDENTITYSIN. Whereas, Jesus came and died for better. How that we didn’t hear the news that Jesus is our legitimate reference point baffles me though. I implore you to stop hearing the news that Adam is your reference point. He no longer is (he, in fact, never was). Move on from there.

How is it that we didn’t need to believe in Adam before we became SINNERS? The horrible news was just passed on to us. And because of one man’s sin, we all became condemned to a fate never meant for us. So hard is it for us to believe that before we were ever thought of being born, Jesus came and undid all that ADAM did. How come we were born to not believe one to participate and believe the other to participate. Nothing fair about that news to even make it good in the first place. We just didn’t get God’s message right.

We listened to God’s statement from an entirely different perspective, and we passed it on over years. Doesn’t make it TRUTH however.


“And we know that the Son of God has come, and has given us UNDERSTANDING so that we know the true ONE, and are in union with the truth One–that is, we are in union with His Son Jesus Christ. He is the true God and the Life of the Ages” – John

Christ came to give us an understanding. He came to give us insight. He didn’t come to play. Seeing that we have been living out WHO WE TRULY AREN’T, Christ came to give us insight on WHO WE TRULY ARE. Christ is the understanding; the understanding of which could change everything. The understanding that God is our point of reference, and not Adam. The understanding that SIN isn’t our identity, but RIGHTEOUSNESS is.  Never should we have heard we were sinners, or ever separated from God or even condemned by God at all. All was a lie. We all were never to hear such news – news that was never about Christ; the understanding of our Identity.

WHO ARE WE TRULY? At least, I know who we aren’t… We aren’t enemies of God, slaves of God, servant of God, or even separated from God e.t.c. We are but SONS of God. One WITH God. Always IN God. Living AS God. Our Identity is LOVE, PEACE and RIGHTEOUSNESS. Reason is we have always been ACCEPTED, HOLY, BLAMELESS.

Interesting part is “whatever God knows to be TRUE” never changes. And he knew you before he formed you to be HOLY and BLAMELESS before Him in LOVE. Why then have you chosen to know yourself differently because of what your Pastor says happened to you in Adam? Do you realize what God knows you to be true before the foundations of the world is waaaaay greater than what happened to you in Adam.


The knowledge He (God) has of you is of PEACE and not of EVIL. In other for you to ACCEPT and LOVE Yourself, FEEL SAFE in being SAVED; which is your EXPECTED END. Be at PEACE with yourself, in yourself and all things around you. So you know, God didn’t change his mind about you because of Jesus. Rather, Jesus is God’s mind made up about you before the world was formed.

Again, I say remain at peace, for God is at peace with you.


Have a great weekend in Advance. 🙌