Rebuild Trust



Trust, like the tower of Babel, can come crashing in seconds: irrespective of the year taken to build, irrespective of the efforts put in to build, irrespective of the people that helped to build. Trust in every relationship is basic and a necessary monument. One that should never be disregarded or unnoticed.

YES!!! Trust is worth rebuilding. Unlike the tower of Babel that was built on efforts of men alone, TRUST should be rebuilt on the GOD-basis. Never impress another, let God (LOVE) do the impression. LOVE prevails.


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LOVE Believes

LOVE Trusts
Love never stops being patient, never stops believing, never stops hoping, never gives up

Today, I learned every relationship needs trust to make it last and work. However, there’s no trust without understanding. So, thorough knowledge of the other in that relationship births a trust according to the level of understanding acquired. This knowledge has increased my understanding in my relationship with God. God [Love] understands ALL things about each and every one of us. He KNOWS all of us, because He’s our essence. God trusts us, and His trust in us is ABSOLUTE. There’s nothing we can do to bring it crumbling down.

Our understanding of God daily increases our trust in him. I’m also learning our understanding of God daily increases our trust in other people around us. Because God is the essence of ALL things.

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Nothing But Immense

I’m sure you agree with me that daddy God is awesome. We would be checking out a little something this morning..Follow me as we journey together in this talk.

I’ld be emphasizing on a particular word though, for in that word we draw and find our strength.

“For God so LOVED the world, that he gave his only begotten son… ~ John 3:16

See how that scriptures stated it was love that made Him give His Son, not that He was angry or mad at you. Daddy God has always loved you and would always love you. His love for you is beyond your present Imagination. His love for you is engulfing and overwhelming, you’re baptized in His love and there’s nothing you can do about it. This love brought you into existence, and this same love brings peace to your heart.

“For God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were sinners, Christ died for us” ~ Romans 5:8

See again? He showed his love while we were yet sinners, He loves us all equally. He loves no one more or less. Awesome daddy God, yeah? The same love Father had for Jesus before time began is the same love He has for you now. Rest in this and see how that all He does is to your favour and to your excellence. See how that all things surrounding you is because of His love for you.


It was not when Jesus died on the cross that daddy God changed His mind about you. Yes, He was NEVER angry with you. He always LOVED you, from the alpha of his existence to the omega of His existence… I’m excited to say His love for you is eternal [never changing], His mind is SET, He is not confused about what He feels and thinks of you. He doesn’t regret that He loved you so much as to let His son find you. No! He is in fact very excited.

Rest in daddy God’s love for you today. You are in His embrace 😉


Thanks for reading, I’m very sure you now realize how blessed you are by this. Do share with a one who knows not how daddy God loves Him SOOOO much today. Have a wonderful day 😀

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The Love of EL

So, it’s a new week and I’m wondering whether like me, you want to learn something beautiful of your Father this morning. As usual, another round of weekly tidbit speaking His heart to you, His heart of love. I’m sure you’re already blessed and doing wonderful. Today’s post shall be showing us how that we are indeed extravagantly blessed.

We shall be checking out a small story…


It was a sunny Saturday afternoon and my mother, Kelvin, and I were on a long deserved vacation. We had spent the last few months hurrying between doctors’ appointments, the office and my family house in Magodo; so getting some alone time had been close to impossible. I wasn’t sure how long we spent there, just laying by the pool and letting the gentle breeze caress our skins as slow music played in the background.

I remember watching Kelvin crawl slowly towards me right before he put his head on my chest and started to speak in that garbled tone that I didn’t understand but it made me laugh anyways. Kelvin had always been a joy to behold; he was cute, funny, he had this ability to pick something and focus so hard on it, he had strong white teeth and was very playful despite himself. He always had a smile on his face, even just after he had taken bitter medicine; he’d have that small smile with a slight cleft in his chin that deepened as his smile widened.

In retrospect, I should have known not to take my attention off him, even for a little while. I shouldn’t have turned to get him that water bottle he was so desperately pointing at; I shouldn’t have given him that ball. The bottle was in his bag, right beside mine a few feet from our chairs and I didn’t want to trouble Shade, the babysitter. She had been through so much because of me these past few months.

My little baby was crawling determinedly towards the pool trying to catch his little ball. His focus was at the highest possible level. He laughed as he crawled after his ball. As I took the water bottle and turned back to the chair and to my surprise, Kelvin was already drowning and screaming Shade’s name. I couldn’t watch his beautiful face freeze to death, so I dived in to grab him out myself.


The grace of our Father is out of proportion to the fall of man. He loved us before the foundations of the earth but that’s not the deal now. The deal is in the story, Mama Kelvin jumped in to save her son that was calling out to Shade, who was probably fast asleep or in shock. She jumped in to save her son, her own. In same manner, God jumped into humanity to save you, through and in Christ. His love for you always is and always would be. He has got you and would never let you go. Just think on this, you are nowhere else but in His arms and on your cheeks He is continually planting holy kisses of love.

 Thanks for going through today’s story, ask questions if any via the comment box, I hope you enjoyed the story, I’m sure you were blessed. Do share this with a “lost” brother or sister today. Enjoy TODAY.

Story by Kemi.