You are mine

YOU Are Mine

Hello guys, We shall be talking a few things today. I know we already have SIGHT. So, we begin…

You do realize the only reality the clay has is the Potter’s idea, the life a son has is from the seed of the father. ALL of these happens by Nature. God didn’t accept you because you accepted Him, NO! This is why He is Father, HE accepted you first. He accepted you already. Have you been told over the years to accept God before He accepts you? Or do you think it’s entirely impossible for a “HOLY” God to look upon a “SINFUL” you and see anything GOOD? Hence, you have concluded in your heart to be all the bad you can be and enjoy the HELL that follows after.

I’m here to inform you that your God and Father already accepted you while you were conceived in His womb, He already accepted you before you were born, He accepted you before you ever did anything or said anything, He has always been excited about you. YOU WERE NEVER REJECTED. Throughout the ages, you have been accepted and you would always be accepted by Him. He is excited and you are the reason He is. Your Father is a Father that loves and cares for His own. You have never been rejected by God AND YOU NEVER WOULD BE.

Be at PEACE, Rest in Daddy God’s embrace of LOVE. Your God and Father has put His peace in your heart. I DECLARE HIS LOVE FOR YOU, whoever you are regardless what you have done or said. His love for you has never been apart from His calling you His own. Father organizes a rejoicing everyday because YOU ARE HIS CHILD.


His LOVE for you is beyond your imagination, hence, I think it would do a lot awesome to have your imagination REST in His LOVE for you.

You are His creation, you are His SON/DAUGHTER. Because of Christ, you now know Daddy GOD has always been saying SON, PERFECT and ACCEPTED. Rest, Christ has done it.


…the Father you thought never loved you is IN LOVE WITH YOU. Rest in the KNOWLEDGE of this. Have a splendid day 😀

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Remember THIS

Most times, we forget a little something and end up in worries and struggle and plenty plenty of strive. We think a lot on what helps not, and begin to search our outside for what lies within. This “thing” we forget sometimes or most times is nothing but THE LOVE OF GOD FOR US. How can we think on this though when we have no idea what it means for God to love us.


It is all fine, we would grow daily realizing this… Just remember this when you think all hope is lost: YOUR FATHER IS LOVE AND HE GOES ALL OUT FOR YOU. HE GOES MILES OUT OF YOUR IMAGINATION TO SEE YOU AT REST AND IN PEACE. Just when you think you’re not responsible and He has left you, remember HE IS WITH YOU AND HE WOULD NEVER LEAVE YOU. When you think there’s no one there looking out for you, remember HE PROTECTS YOU. When you think you have angered him, remember HE IS PATIENT. When you think you have messed up and taken wrong decisions, remember HE TRUSTS YOU. He loved you at your darkest, what else does He not know about you that He hasn’t loved? Nothing. He loves EVERYTHING about you. His love for you is ETERNAL and He does not REGRET loving you.


Always think on His LOVE FOR YOU, He wants you to REST. Be SAFE


Remember this… the One who created you is IN LOVE WITH YOU. Rest in the KNOWLEDGE of this.

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Of Peace

So, it’s time again to say a little something about the ever so overwhelming love of our Father; the creator of ALL things existing, the owner and giver of life.

Talking about the relationship between the Father, the Son and the Spirit; one that shows the Godhead as love. I am very sure you know very well the sweet loving family they make. A loving that unites. A love that’s eternal and divine, making three become one. Love is their noble and only nature, relationship is their way of the ninja.

I bring to you a message of peace. Peace from this God who is love, I’m here to make you understand the fact that your creator has called a “truce”. He has nothing—absolutely nothing—against you. He wants you to come to the knowledge of what Christ did 2000yrs ago and how that you were not just thought of but also a part of the whole action.


You belong to God, and He’s already got you. Before you realized your existence, loving-daddy God already redeemed you through Christ Jesus and has already planned how that His life should save you.

I bring to your doorstep glad tidings this new month that you should run the rest of the course with a knowledge of the Father’s peace at heart. A peace that gives strength to reign. You’re accepted by the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, just as you are. He knows the “dark” parts of your soul; that which isn’t easy to make others know. I’m here to make you know He’s right in the midst.


This is the message of peace, He has you and He is in you, just as you are in Him. He CAN never leave you nor forsake you. You’re a part of the relationship and fellowship of the Godhead. This is LOVE. This is the message, to know that your neighbour as well as you are accepted, recognized, known, believed just as you are into His eternal love. You’re not condemned, this is your confession, for it is the heart of God. AMEN!!!



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Have No Fears

I’m beginning to become a bore, more like the only message I have is about how the Father can love no other like He loves you, yeah? Yeah! I know. I noticed myself. I’m sorry. I’m only sharing the message from His heart to you. It is all about love, His LOVE.

Fear is a lie, an illusion created by your mind. Yeah, I know you know this, I’m only bringing it to your remembrance. It comes as a result of a lacking knowledge of who you are. A lion can never be scared of a monkey, because it KNOWS it is the king of the Jungle. I mean, Tarzan rolled with gorillas forgetting he was human until he saw his reflection in still waters.

Daddy God’s love reminds you of who you are always: there is rediscovery; an unveiling of who you are whenever meditated upon. Have no fears. He made you perfect. You’re the centre of creation’s attraction. You’re the awesome of the world.

You probably have great fears of the past, now and the future, you fear for your actions and the consequences that follow after. You think your life is a great mess that can never get any better. You let your mind measure how perfect and holy and righteous you are and then ask yourself if you’ve met and maintained the standard. So much for a spoon of hot pottage!

You are the righteousness of the Father [2 Cor 5:21], you’re the redeemed of Christ [Col 1:14, Heb 9:12], you’re PERFECT [Heb 10:14]. There is actually nothing to fear. You are the “masterpiece of God” [Eph 2:10], holy and blameless [Eph 1:4], created to be like God in TRUE holiness and righteousness [Eph 4:24]. So, why fear? When you’re not a mess nitori olorun…

You’re the image and likeness of the one you fear. Why should you fear the one who has embraced you in Himself with an avalanche of love [it haff tey small. LOL]. You’re loved. You’re so loved by God. I said you’re loved. No ONE can love you better than our Father, daddy God. This is what matters. This is what counts. His disposition towards you. Meditate upon this. Live the day and week knowing you’re loved by God, and behold ALL things be for your good.

I dare to mention this is also who your neighbour is; that man depressed near your desk, that woman lost in a burdened thoughts next to you in the bus, that taxi driver of yours that attended to you very rudely this morning. Don’t you think it would be just wonderful to tell them of your Father, their Father! Show [tell of] them His love for them today.

He is for us ALL. Fear nothing. This is Father’s heart to you and your neighbour today. Have a wonderful week. Amen.


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Peace Is Yours, Rest.

Aha! It’s a new day, a new week. And I declare, this week is gonna be awesome.

“Grace be to you, and peace, from God the Father, and from our Lord Jesus Christ” – Gal 1:3

So, ever wondered why most of Paul’s letters started with this reminder?

It’s because deep down in man’s heart, these two things were basic/foundational issues his mind couldn’t fathom. After the “fall”, man’s conscience towards God always needed a soothe. Hence the sacrifices of bulls and goats. In present times, such comes as our efforts. Efforts never bring peace, every time you look to your efforts, disappointment comes. When you look to efforts, you see a God who is out to get you. Father isn’t so.

Grace is everything, Grace is a person, Grace is Christ, Grace always existed, daddy God never changed. His person brought peace between Himself and man, a great show of love. Man and God are at peace, at least, from God’s side it is so. God reconciled the world (you) to himself through Christ. Father is out to see you reign.

It is the peace from God that saves you from condemnation. This message is out to tell you that God has no issues with you. He makes sure to impress this in your heart every day, by leading you into manifestations of His love. God is at peace with everyone He reconciled with, everyone Jesus’ blood paid for on the cross. Remember “the grace of God that bringeth salvation hath appeared to all men.”

He is loving, He gives peace. Stop with your efforts, you can’t impress a Father that is already impressed. He’s at peace with who you are, He is at peace with your neighbour, your boss, your annoying colleague. Rest in this and remind people—like Paul did—that God isn’t out to get them. Bring them to rest in the peace He brought through Christ Jesus.

Daddy God is for you. Every part of daddy God wishes you well. Everything He does brings grace and peace to you. Rest in the Father’s peace, this is His disposition towards you, forever. Be at peace with yourself and receive the Father’s love in your heart.

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This week is gonna be awesome.

Stay blessed.