Open Your MIND

True “Identity IS Christ”. Don’t you think it’s high time you did away with the idea that is “Identity IN Christ”? There’s a difference in those statements. Everywhere, all over the place, scriptures insist on making it known that our union with God IS Christ. Christ, is the revelation of Identity, in and AS God. The identity that was before the world was in fact formed, the identity that is Love. What God did is greater than whatever labels we give ourselves. The understanding that is Christ (our Identity) can come to anyone in any place under any label. The understanding of which could change everything.

And we know that the Son of God came so we could recognize and understand the truth of God

This is why what God did (said) is greater than Christianity. Believing Christ (True Self — Identity) isn’t to/for Christians alone, it is to/for the world. All labels. It’s to believe God IS You, IN You, AS You, and THROUGH You. This is what I consider the truth of God — the reality that is Christ; one beyond the box that is labels. There are Christians that have no idea who they are (their true identity). There are Buddhists who have perfect comprehension of who they are (their true identity in God). There are Muslims who understand who they are (Identity in God), as well as some Christians. Weren’t we taught not to judge books by their covers? 

Identity (Christ) isn’t in labels. It’s in understanding who God IS, and God is LOVE — And so are YOU

How is LOVE restricted to a label or a group of people only? Just HOW?! To believe in Christ is to believe in WHO YOU TRULY ARE. It’s to grant yourself PERMISSION to be FULLY You, to be LOVE! It’s funny how Jesus emphasized greatly on LOVE, and LOVING. Realize YOU, then Express YOU; for without the first, the second is invalid. What God said about Himself (Christ — the Truth — Who you are) is far beyond what Labels can bountifully describe.

There are they who are wonderful believers of Christ (their True Identity in God), and aren’t in the religion you could possibly expect; in fact the least people you could possibly expect. And there are they who are called Christians, ‘expected’ to be believers of Christ, yet, have no clue WHO THEY ARE (Christ). Paul goes on to say, aren’t we to look beyond what we think of people based on labels and appearances? What God displayed in Christ is enough. Hence, we consider no man anymore after what we could possibly think (unsound evaluations). Rather, we judge based on what God thinks (Christ). If you should at all label a person, label them Christ (LOVE). How else could they possibly know themselves, if they are not re-minded who they are?

Preach the message, go into the world, let the people know that their IDENTITY IS CHRIST — LOVE!

God’s Opinion of YOU

Basis: God is Love. God is self existing: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. One God (one love), bound to/by nothing. The relationship is God. The oneness is God. The True God. Our God is love. This God is our Father .

You are in Christ. You’re as Christ is, and Christ is in the bosom of our Father. You’re his selfie, you have his DNA, he’s your source. Yeah! You already know all these.

God's opinion

John writes that “this is not a new message; it is the word that was from the beginning. Yet it is new, for that which is true in him, is equally true in you” (1 Jn 2:7, 8)

The first Hebrew word in the Bible, bereshet, from berosh, literally means “in the head.” God had you in mind from the beginning

God’s love is extreme and excessively elaborate. God’s love goes beyond every reason you have for him not loving you. God’s love goes beyond necessity. It lacks moderation, balance and restraint. God’s love is not cautious but extravagant.

Every invention begins with an original thought. You are God’s original thought. You’re the initiative of the person of Love, the fruit of his creative inspiration, his intimate design and love-dream.

This is the love your Father in heaven has towards you. He wants you to know this. He has you. He holds you. You’re his heart, and no man walks without his heart. He goes all out for you. He goes miles out of your imagination to see you in place. If God “worries”, he would do that for you not to worry. This is how daddy God sees and loves you. Rest in knowing this.

“There is only one who is good” Jesus says, and that One is your Father, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. He is gracious and merciful, He is pleasant, He is beautiful, He’s not uptight, He’s wonderful, He is agreeable, He’s excellent and noble by nature. He’s lovely, He is gentle, He is easy, He is delightful, He is enjoyable. Your Father is nice.” – a quote from the blog.

Love's Opinion

This doesn’t just happen when you’re good or faithful or conscious of His goodness, He is good ALL THE TIME. Always think on His love for you, make Love’s thought and plan your meditation. Always remember you’re in His embrace of love. He’s awesome.

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Love Heals


Basis: GOD is LOVE

Love wins.

Love Prevails.

Love is the end,

As it is the beginning.


One heart is beat,

The other is dead,

Say another is pallid,

Love feels,

Love cares,

Love helps.


One heart is lost,

The other is obdurate,

Say another is misguided,

Love feels,

Love cares,

Love helps.


One heart fears,

The other is uncertain,

Say another is grieved,

Love feels,

Love cares,

Love helps,


He says “My mind is FULL of YOU”

Love is bothered about your well-being.

Love is your healing.

Love has YOU.


Well… One thing I know, Love prevails.

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LOVE Believes

LOVE Trusts
Love never stops being patient, never stops believing, never stops hoping, never gives up

Today, I learned every relationship needs trust to make it last and work. However, there’s no trust without understanding. So, thorough knowledge of the other in that relationship births a trust according to the level of understanding acquired. This knowledge has increased my understanding in my relationship with God. God [Love] understands ALL things about each and every one of us. He KNOWS all of us, because He’s our essence. God trusts us, and His trust in us is ABSOLUTE. There’s nothing we can do to bring it crumbling down.

Our understanding of God daily increases our trust in him. I’m also learning our understanding of God daily increases our trust in other people around us. Because God is the essence of ALL things.

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