Only recently did we discuss OUR identity in God as revealed by Christ; the understanding of which could and would change everything. One time we were in darkness, now, we move. This wouldn’t be some lengthy post like the last, there would be no boring gist. We are not here to PLAY. haha!

Times without number, I’ve heard people talk about GRACE like it is something added to the cooking ingredients of man to make man all curried up. Not to worry, I’ve also done that. However, Grace didn’t come to hype man or lie to make man beautiful. Grace is all for TRUTH.

“If not for Grace, where would I be?”

Of a truth, if not for Grace, we would still be in darkness, i.e. ignorance. Remember again I said Grace didn’t come to hype you or lie. All grace came to do was REVEAL your worth and true place in God; bring to light the awesome that you are. Do you feel inadequate? Insecure? Worthless? And full of all things displeasing before God? Hang on, Grace has a little something for you today.

“What is man that You are mindful of him, and the son of man that You care for him?” – Psalm 8:4

Consider your mind as a human. In what way can you measure it? The “mind” of this body, as we know it, is immeasurable, beyond measure, endless, infinite, huge, enormous, I can go on and on though. In physical terms, it is dimensionless; without dimension, inestimable. By no means can it and would it be measured. Not in this life. Remember when Abraham was given the opportunity to count the sand at the sea shores? The opportunity to count the stars in the sky? It’s about the vastness of space. He could in no way measure. Likewise your mind. It is in no way measurable.

We move on to what Grace yet seeks to reveal today. In the light of the same understanding that we have about our mind, consider God being MINDFUL of You. Deconstructing the word MINDFUL, we realize God’s MIND is FULL of you. He isn’t just mindful (i.e. aware) of you. His mind is actually full of you. I know you haven’t seen the twist yet. Haha! With the beginning thought that our mind alone is quite dimensionless and infinite, I beg you to consider what God’s mind would be like. Of course, God’s mind is in fact just as vast (if there’s such a word as vaster sef. LOL).

However, this isn’t the bone of contention 😉. Grace seeks to reveal there’s something actually capable of filling God’s DIMENSIONLESS mind. What could that possibly be? Just so you know, for a container to be full, the content has to be of same dimension. You think you are worthless? Grace would like to have you know you, in fact, have a worth that is so great a value cannot be placed on it. You are that infinite essence that fills God’s infinite mind. To God, you are of valuable essence, your existence isn’t a waste.

How can whatever fills God’s (Love’s) mind be inadequate? Alone? Insecure? Worthless? Or even lack LOVE? Just HOW!


All God knows is YOU. Be at PEACE, for you are COMPLETE; because God. God doesn’t think you less than Himself. God considers you just as valuable as Himself. You are INVALUABLE, LOVED, ACCEPTED, COMPLETE, SECURE, RIGHTEOUS, WORTHY, INFINITE.

“How precious also are your thoughts of me, O God! How vast is the sum of them. If I could count them, they would outnumber the sand. When I am done counting, I would only be beginning” – Psalm 139:17-18


Be YOU; because YOU are the most important infinite essence to God.


I beg us to consider and meditate on this, for when you realize your worth, you ultimately realize your neighbor’s. Do have a great week ✌️

operation of the faith of God


God's Love
being buried with him in the baptism, in which also ye rose with him through the faith of the working of God, who did raise him out of the dead. ~ Col 2:12 [YLT]

The faith of the operation of God was of works. Christ, the faith of God, carried out the salvation of mankind (better put, worked out the salvation of mankind on the cross). This was the operation of the faith of God – from the heaven to earth, from earth to cross, from cross to tomb, and from tomb to the Father’s right hand. God believed so much in the salvation of mankind through Jesus and He knew very well that all of mankind was included in this operation at the cross (in this solution/calculation/work).It’s not mere impulse, it was a work done. God is at rest, and because of this, you deserve some rest also. God’s faith was with works, you and I partook in it.

You are forever embraced by God.

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Oh! Before I start to share my bit on Christmas and what I’ve learnt this year, I first apologize (yeah, I know I always apologize. LOOL) for being away for long. I’ve been taking my time learning and enjoying the awesomeness of life. Basically, my year in summary.

Okay, down to what I have to share…


Emmanuel means “God with us”. Emmanuel is God in the flesh. The incarnate Word. From our basis, we see that God is love. Hence, God = Love = the Word = Jesus. Any word from God should be about His nature which is Love, and Jesus is about this same love. The question is “how?”. Follow me as we walk this together. God is love as a Spirit, Jesus is love as Spirit incarnated. Simply put, Jesus is God (which is love) in flesh.


Now, the message in the name Emmanuel is awesooome, how? We already know it means “God with us”, but we know not how. Again, let’s walk and see this beauty together.

WHO IS EMMANUEL? – Emmanuel is the baby Jesus, the brightest of God’s glory, the express image of the Father. His life is the light of all men. The true light that enlightens every man coming into the world. God’s glory simply means Love’s opinion and judgement of you (of the world). When you see Emmanuel, you see God’s opinion of you and the world around you. He’s not bias. Seeing Emmanuel’s life brings light to your understanding. It enlightens the darkness our minds create about who we are.

WHY EMMANUEL? – Scriptures say when we behold as in a mirror Emmanuel, we would see and remember who we are. The false and dark ideas of who we are would come to change when we know for ourselves who we are and what love sees and says about us. This is the reason for Emmanuel’s birth. He came to show who we really are. He came to show our worth. He came to show God’s (Love’s) perfect opinion of us. As Emmanuel is, so are we in this World.


Now, I think we know who Emmanuel is. Emmanuel is God’s perfect opinion of YOU. Emmanuel is YOU. You are Love in the flesh. The core of our being is LOVE. Our only essence is LOVE. Emmanuel shows our true identity. Love with us. We can never be separate from LOVE, for love does not only tabernacle with us, love is our life – for by love we live, move and have our being.

This is Emmanuel – LOVE with us, LOVE in us and LOVE as us.



Okay… now Emmanuel was born, to bring this light to our darkened and fallen mindset of us and God. That we should know our true identity and know that we have always been on point. It is Christmas and we celebrate our true identity. Emmanuel is our true identity – LOVE as us.

This is a season that never ends. We are love beings, always in the season of love. This is who we are, this is the core of our being (as well as your neighbour and everyone you see). We are not just celebrating the birth of Jesus, the baby, this celebration should also be in remembrance of God’s perfect opinion of you and the world.

So, this is my take on Christmas upon all I have learnt this year, 2014. Awesome year for me. Learning God’s perfect love for you and I. Every day for me is Christmas. LOOL. For I live every day to love the man next to me because his DNA is same as mine – of Love.


So, I’m leaving a great year unto a greater one. This year was my year of discovery. Discovering my true identity in our Father, which is LOVE. Year 2015 is my year of EXPLORATION. You can join me on this by following the blog for monthly discoveries, and share with friends and family, as we keep on listening to our Father’s heart. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR IN ADVANCE 😉 😀

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Jesus Christ: The Embodiment Of Grace.

Hello peopleeeeee… HO! HO! HO!

Okay… I’m serious now. We have a guest evangelist on this space today. I would like y’all to welcome Famuyide as he walks towards the podium to give his opinion of Jesus :D. Please enjoy the read as you see Jesus in every line 😉


Jesus Christ: The Embodiment Of Grace.

The lord Jesus is the embodiment of God’s grace to mankind John 3:16 says so. 2 Corinthians 9:15 calls him God’s unspeakable gift. Hebrews 6:4 calls him the heavenly gift. He’s the gift that unlocks every other gift. Jesus Christ is the embodiment of all the grace of God. Little wonder John 1:6 says ” of his fullness have we all received, one gracious blessing after another. The scripture is talking of abundance or overflow of grace from Christ himself the fullness of all grace.

Jesus and Christmas

Jesus Christ is the very embodiment of grace; 1 Corinthians 1:30 tells us “But of him are ye in Christ Jesus, who of God is made unto us in wisdom, and righteousness, and sanctification, and redemption”. The bible tells us in Hebrews 1:1-2 that the God who spoke to the fathers by prophets in the time of old has in these last days spoken to us by his son, meaning that Jesus himself is the fullness of God’s communication to man. He is grace embodied and personified; Colosians 1:19 says that it pleased the father to have all fullness dwell in Him.

Friends, endeavour to believe in the fullness of God’s grace that is in Christ Jesus. Also walk in the full measure of this grace in every area of your life.

Thanks for always reading!


So guys, I hope you enjoyed the read and were blessed by it? Thanks for reading. We would be seeing more of Evangelist Famuyide on this space. And y’all all should expect a little something from me tomorrow, I promise it would be something awesome, I hope. 😀 Yaaaay!




Do you know my Father?

A one behind the balaclava, as an assassin on the mission to kill and destroy whoever crosses his path? No!

He’s a one that CARES. His definition is LOVE. He is a one that desires I have an awesomely intimate relationship with Him. He calls me friend, he calls me son, he calls me brother. What more is needed to establish me in his relationship? He saw my suffering and strive and decided to take me on a drive to thrive. Wait! He first created me and then came as a creation to find me when I was lost. He first loved me.

Father of spirits, Father of light
A God of no limits, a God of might
With a make up of Love and everlasting light
In sin, I was still in your sight.

As a creation? Yes! Creator turned creature, how much more show is needed to display His love for me? I was lost because of one man. Baptised in sin and made it’s slave. Sin made the awesomely beautiful creature that I was, displeasing to the Father. Because of one man’s choice, the one that made sin rule, His heart leaped to demonstrate His love. Sin made me a burlesque instead of a masterpiece I was made to become. I crossed His path as I partook in sin with the first man but because of who He is, the plan to bring me unto perfection was initiated.

Initiating mission ETERNAL LOVE
It has always been God’s resolve
What He did was more than enough
He put Himself in dusty stuff

In all to give me a perfect gift, I still wonder how he coped in Mary’s womb for 9months. What more could be the best gift? This is me just appreciating the awesomeness of my caring and loving Father, Yahweh. Realizing the series of package He gave me in Jesus. I say thanks Papa for giving me the best gift ever, help me to realize daily the grandeur of Christ – the perfect gift you gave me.

In Father’s display of Christ on mission to save,
He showed Himself through Christ to me as love
Through Christ, He taught me come brave
He gave me that which was just more than enough.

All these he did for me, He did for you also. All there is to do is say “thank You, Papa”.