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Oh! Before I start to share my bit on Christmas and what I’ve learnt this year, I first apologize (yeah, I know I always apologize. LOOL) for being away for long. I’ve been taking my time learning and enjoying the awesomeness of life. Basically, my year in summary.

Okay, down to what I have to share…


Emmanuel means “God with us”. Emmanuel is God in the flesh. The incarnate Word. From our basis, we see that God is love. Hence, God = Love = the Word = Jesus. Any word from God should be about His nature which is Love, and Jesus is about this same love. The question is “how?”. Follow me as we walk this together. God is love as a Spirit, Jesus is love as Spirit incarnated. Simply put, Jesus is God (which is love) in flesh.


Now, the message in the name Emmanuel is awesooome, how? We already know it means “God with us”, but we know not how. Again, let’s walk and see this beauty together.

WHO IS EMMANUEL? – Emmanuel is the baby Jesus, the brightest of God’s glory, the express image of the Father. His life is the light of all men. The true light that enlightens every man coming into the world. God’s glory simply means Love’s opinion and judgement of you (of the world). When you see Emmanuel, you see God’s opinion of you and the world around you. He’s not bias. Seeing Emmanuel’s life brings light to your understanding. It enlightens the darkness our minds create about who we are.

WHY EMMANUEL? – Scriptures say when we behold as in a mirror Emmanuel, we would see and remember who we are. The false and dark ideas of who we are would come to change when we know for ourselves who we are and what love sees and says about us. This is the reason for Emmanuel’s birth. He came to show who we really are. He came to show our worth. He came to show God’s (Love’s) perfect opinion of us. As Emmanuel is, so are we in this World.


Now, I think we know who Emmanuel is. Emmanuel is God’s perfect opinion of YOU. Emmanuel is YOU. You are Love in the flesh. The core of our being is LOVE. Our only essence is LOVE. Emmanuel shows our true identity. Love with us. We can never be separate from LOVE, for love does not only tabernacle with us, love is our life – for by love we live, move and have our being.

This is Emmanuel – LOVE with us, LOVE in us and LOVE as us.



Okay… now Emmanuel was born, to bring this light to our darkened and fallen mindset of us and God. That we should know our true identity and know that we have always been on point. It is Christmas and we celebrate our true identity. Emmanuel is our true identity – LOVE as us.

This is a season that never ends. We are love beings, always in the season of love. This is who we are, this is the core of our being (as well as your neighbour and everyone you see). We are not just celebrating the birth of Jesus, the baby, this celebration should also be in remembrance of God’s perfect opinion of you and the world.

So, this is my take on Christmas upon all I have learnt this year, 2014. Awesome year for me. Learning God’s perfect love for you and I. Every day for me is Christmas. LOOL. For I live every day to love the man next to me because his DNA is same as mine – of Love.


So, I’m leaving a great year unto a greater one. This year was my year of discovery. Discovering my true identity in our Father, which is LOVE. Year 2015 is my year of EXPLORATION. You can join me on this by following the blog for monthly discoveries, and share with friends and family, as we keep on listening to our Father’s heart. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR IN ADVANCE 😉 😀

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LAZARUS: Mummified Humanity

So, today is Sunday and I thought we could journey through some part of scriptures together, understanding how the topic “LAZARUS: Mummified Humanity” is what it is. Oh! Before we get started, mummified humanity does not mean Lazarus. Okay, I guess we are good to go then.

Story from John 11. . .


Lazarus means “whom God helps” or “God has helped”. It is derived from Hebrew name, Eleazar. Again, we would be checking out how that works out with the topic today. The whole miraculous event that took place that day at Bethany could be used as a beautiful analogy to tell the heart of the Father towards mankind.

The death and resurrection of Lazarus very well explains the state of man, before and after the coming of Christ. Lazarus was very sick and he died, there was no drug or herbal stuff to help him get well. I’m very sure his caring sister, Mary and Martha, tried everything they knew to help him get well; this very well explains how the works of man can never help save or get well. NEVER!

Lazarus [man] was already beginning to experience separation from God which eventually happened that time when he finally knew who God was no more. He died to the love of the Father. He died to the beauty, face, glory and ways of the Father. He felt separation in His mind which thereafter affected his environment. He only knew darkness and experienced no God in the tomb. He DIED to life, eternal.

This passage showed how that Christ, came to the tomb where Lazarus [man] was buried. On getting there, His spirit was moved and He was troubled, for the people could not see who and what He has come to do for Lazarus [man], they could not tell what great lengths he can go for the one dear to him. And He wept. I say we are yet to understand how [tenderly] He loves us.

Like with Lazarus, the one who owns us [God, in Christ] came down to our tombs, deeply disquieted, he calls us out of our death into His life. I wonder how Lazarus, the dead guy, could hear His voice. No, it wasn’t Lazarus who did the work, it was the Father Jesus prayed to. Lazarus [man] wasn’t in the position to make the choice, the Father—daddy God—did the resurrection. Christ in His great love called man into the relationship of the Father’s life.

“And you hath He quickened, who were dead in trespasses and sins… “ – Eph 2:1

Jesus cried out with a loud voice “Lazarus [man], come forth” and Lazarus did, not because of his faith but because of the faith of the one calling. He was quickened, he was redeemed. Understanding this is salvation. It is on SEEING this that we believe [are persuaded] He is that Messiah sent from the Father, capable of salvation.

 IN LAZARUS [in Thoughts]

Resurrected but wrapped in grave-clothes (linen strip) of opinions about who we think we are, we do not see a Father that has us in the embrace of His love, seeing us as Christ is. The vision of our understanding is blinded by a napkin, ignorant of what exactly has taken place and is taking place. LET HIM do the unveiling. He is not complaining. He is in love. Lazarus didn’t do it himself. In the end, we would see that as He is, so are we. It’s while the name is Lazarus – “God has helped” or “whom God helps”. At every step of the unveiling, there shall be a believing.

 IN CHRIST [in Truth]

“But God, who is rich in mercy, for his great love wherewith he loved us, even when we were dead in sins, hath quickened us together with Christ, (by grace ye are saved)” – Eph 2:4-5

In Christ, all of man was quickened and called into life and the love of the Father. In Christ, all responded to the call when Christ resurrected. It wasn’t our doing, it was the Father’s act of love to rescue us from our perspective and thoughts of separation from him. We are in His arms, fresh and spotless. We left behind the grave-clothes as He did. We are as Jesus IS.


He has CALLED you out of your death into His life. This GREAT LOVE is worth knowing. You are in His arms of love and anointed with His tears of joy—of having you in His arms—as it rolls down his cheeks to the crown of your head. This who you are, this is where you are.



I pray that the eyes of our understanding may be enlightened, that we should know who we are and see how blessed we are. Amen. Have a wonderful day and week 😀

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