You are mine

YOU Are Mine

Hello guys, We shall be talking a few things today. I know we already have SIGHT. So, we begin…

You do realize the only reality the clay has is the Potter’s idea, the life a son has is from the seed of the father. ALL of these happens by Nature. God didn’t accept you because you accepted Him, NO! This is why He is Father, HE accepted you first. He accepted you already. Have you been told over the years to accept God before He accepts you? Or do you think it’s entirely impossible for a “HOLY” God to look upon a “SINFUL” you and see anything GOOD? Hence, you have concluded in your heart to be all the bad you can be and enjoy the HELL that follows after.

I’m here to inform you that your God and Father already accepted you while you were conceived in His womb, He already accepted you before you were born, He accepted you before you ever did anything or said anything, He has always been excited about you. YOU WERE NEVER REJECTED. Throughout the ages, you have been accepted and you would always be accepted by Him. He is excited and you are the reason He is. Your Father is a Father that loves and cares for His own. You have never been rejected by God AND YOU NEVER WOULD BE.

Be at PEACE, Rest in Daddy God’s embrace of LOVE. Your God and Father has put His peace in your heart. I DECLARE HIS LOVE FOR YOU, whoever you are regardless what you have done or said. His love for you has never been apart from His calling you His own. Father organizes a rejoicing everyday because YOU ARE HIS CHILD.


His LOVE for you is beyond your imagination, hence, I think it would do a lot awesome to have your imagination REST in His LOVE for you.

You are His creation, you are His SON/DAUGHTER. Because of Christ, you now know Daddy GOD has always been saying SON, PERFECT and ACCEPTED. Rest, Christ has done it.


…the Father you thought never loved you is IN LOVE WITH YOU. Rest in the KNOWLEDGE of this. Have a splendid day 😀

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Before TIME

The show of Christ on the Cross was not the point where God’s love for you entered existence. It wasn’t at the Cross that He loved you first. The cross was a demonstration [show] of how that He loved you first and much. He loved you before the cross, He loved you at the cross and He loves you after the cross. It was His love that made you, and His love says ACCEPTED, His love says SON, His love says PERFECT, His love says REST. Amen!




…the One who created you is IN LOVE WITH YOU. Rest in the KNOWLEDGE of this. Have a splendid day 😀

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It’s ALL Kindness

Morning beautiful people… Yes, I have been away for some time now, I agree and I apologize. Life has been beautiful with so much going on at my end, I trust that you are doing way better than I am. Thanks to all who consistently coming on here though, and for first-timers in the house, you’ve missed quite a lot on here. Well, I pray that this blog also helps us see how blessed we are in this life. Amen. Okay, today’s gonna be awesome. A few pictures kinda inspired this post today as I was thinking on God’s kindness. Check out the meanings below: kindness So, I thought to myself, was God being friendly and generous when He sent Jesus to come and do all He did? As presented to me in times past, He never looked “friendly” and “generous”, yeah? I never saw a kind God, but he was always Kind. I just didn’t see and know it. So, to the beautiful pictures I stole from GOOGLE and BING… Check them out and SEE how kind Daddy God was when He gave Christ 😉 Meaning of Kindness I first saw this and I was like…Oi! Chill, was God really like this? It doesn’t feel so, but hey, God is LOVE and He sure felt this way. True Kindness Hehehehehe!! Yeah, Lao was a Boss. Daddy God was kind redeeming us without thinking about being kind. It’s His nature. He is full of kindness, it is you who sees it and says “wowww! I have a very kind Father” Kindness Our redemption was an act of kindness. We can’t love unless we SEE His kindness shed abroad in our heart. kindness11 Even scriptures agree… It is when we SEE the kindness of God that our hearts grow to love Him. You want people to love and pleasure in God, show and tell them of His kindness, one He gave without seeking anything in return – UNCONDITIONALLY.


Have a great day thinking on this… Do well telling that you friend and sister how that their father loved them and would always love them without requiring a pay back. In advance, thanks for sharing.

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So, I was going through Google Images and I saw a few awesome pictures that tell very well God’s heart for you. Don’t dull it o… Hold on to them. LOL

First was a letter, from your Father, to you…


LOL. POINT A: I’m here to stay. POINT B: Nothing can separate us.

He has placed His Bed in you [I wish I could say this thing in Yoruba though, it would have been sweeter], He’s at rest.


There is nothing you can do about it, this love doesn’t depend on you yo! He made this decision looooong before your formation.

Nothing… I say, nothing can separate you from what He feels, think and believes of you. NOTHING. Okay, amma make it capital and BIG so you wouldn’t say you can’t see it. LOOL



mehn! we are blessed, very. I’m happy for you as much as I’m happy for me. I’m sure you do not regret stopping by. Have a wonderful day 😉

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Nothing But Immense

I’m sure you agree with me that daddy God is awesome. We would be checking out a little something this morning..Follow me as we journey together in this talk.

I’ld be emphasizing on a particular word though, for in that word we draw and find our strength.

“For God so LOVED the world, that he gave his only begotten son… ~ John 3:16

See how that scriptures stated it was love that made Him give His Son, not that He was angry or mad at you. Daddy God has always loved you and would always love you. His love for you is beyond your present Imagination. His love for you is engulfing and overwhelming, you’re baptized in His love and there’s nothing you can do about it. This love brought you into existence, and this same love brings peace to your heart.

“For God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were sinners, Christ died for us” ~ Romans 5:8

See again? He showed his love while we were yet sinners, He loves us all equally. He loves no one more or less. Awesome daddy God, yeah? The same love Father had for Jesus before time began is the same love He has for you now. Rest in this and see how that all He does is to your favour and to your excellence. See how that all things surrounding you is because of His love for you.


It was not when Jesus died on the cross that daddy God changed His mind about you. Yes, He was NEVER angry with you. He always LOVED you, from the alpha of his existence to the omega of His existence… I’m excited to say His love for you is eternal [never changing], His mind is SET, He is not confused about what He feels and thinks of you. He doesn’t regret that He loved you so much as to let His son find you. No! He is in fact very excited.

Rest in daddy God’s love for you today. You are in His embrace 😉


Thanks for reading, I’m very sure you now realize how blessed you are by this. Do share with a one who knows not how daddy God loves Him SOOOO much today. Have a wonderful day 😀

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