We welcome you to the togetherness of young and old people in Christ. Our posts may seem amateurishly written to you, but we hope to send a message.

The fellowship is a group of people -young, old, skilled, and unskilled…- in Christ as said therein before, trying to make known the truth of the Father (God) to all men in every possible way, as led by the Spirit of God.

We welcome writers with the knowledge of the Father, skilled and unskilled, to join us as we share the word with all. For we are one body in Christ. Feel free to ask questions if any, the House would by the grace of God help give appropriate answers. And if any words do not seem to be placed right as the truth, do correct us, for we all are here to learn of God.



THE FELLOWSHIP by KINGDOM CHILD, black PREACHER, C-Ifeh, brova KASALI, Zion’s Scion, Kikz

God bless Us all. Amen

brova KASALI: I’m a student that learns and a teacher who teaches… An epistle to the world signed by Christ and sealed with His Spirit – @shinobi_ennri

Kingdom Child: Godgirl….that’s who I be…from the top of my head to the sole of my feet…. – @FolukeOlowu

C-Ifeh: My bf is fresh and am crazy abt him….. He’s d holyspirit… Du u knw him??! 🙂 – @iRepEfeh

Zion’s Scion: A living witness of Yahweh’s Glory manifested in Jesus! Carrier of the Holy Ghost! Live Wire!!! Poet!! Writer!! Le blogger of truth! – @dami_maverick

God bless you.