Nothing But Immense

I’m sure you agree with me that daddy God is awesome. We would be checking out a little something this morning..Follow me as we journey together in this talk.

I’ld be emphasizing on a particular word though, for in that word we draw and find our strength.

“For God so LOVED the world, that he gave his only begotten son… ~ John 3:16

See how that scriptures stated it was love that made Him give His Son, not that He was angry or mad at you. Daddy God has always loved you and would always love you. His love for you is beyond your present Imagination. His love for you is engulfing and overwhelming, you’re baptized in His love and there’s nothing you can do about it. This love brought you into existence, and this same love brings peace to your heart.

“For God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were sinners, Christ died for us” ~ Romans 5:8

See again? He showed his love while we were yet sinners, He loves us all equally. He loves no one more or less. Awesome daddy God, yeah? The same love Father had for Jesus before time began is the same love He has for you now. Rest in this and see how that all He does is to your favour and to your excellence. See how that all things surrounding you is because of His love for you.


It was not when Jesus died on the cross that daddy God changed His mind about you. Yes, He was NEVER angry with you. He always LOVED you, from the alpha of his existence to the omega of His existence… I’m excited to say His love for you is eternal [never changing], His mind is SET, He is not confused about what He feels and thinks of you. He doesn’t regret that He loved you so much as to let His son find you. No! He is in fact very excited.

Rest in daddy God’s love for you today. You are in His embrace 😉


Thanks for reading, I’m very sure you now realize how blessed you are by this. Do share with a one who knows not how daddy God loves Him SOOOO much today. Have a wonderful day 😀

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  1. #Blessed
    Daddy God, His love is unexplainable.

    He doesn’t love anyone more but some people are desperate for His love and thereby seek His face and enjoy more of His love or receive more of His love daily.

    Some people don’t need His love, others are desperate for His love and unashamed about it.

    I am in the latter category and unashamed about it. I let go.

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