Open Your MIND

True “Identity IS Christ”. Don’t you think it’s high time you did away with the idea that is “Identity IN Christ”? There’s a difference in those statements. Everywhere, all over the place, scriptures insist on making it known that our union with God IS Christ. Christ, is the revelation of Identity, in and AS God. The identity that was before the world was in fact formed, the identity that is Love. What God did is greater than whatever labels we give ourselves. The understanding that is Christ (our Identity) can come to anyone in any place under any label. The understanding of which could change everything.

And we know that the Son of God came so we could recognize and understand the truth of God

This is why what God did (said) is greater than Christianity. Believing Christ (True Self — Identity) isn’t to/for Christians alone, it is to/for the world. All labels. It’s to believe God IS You, IN You, AS You, and THROUGH You. This is what I consider the truth of God — the reality that is Christ; one beyond the box that is labels. There are Christians that have no idea who they are (their true identity). There are Buddhists who have perfect comprehension of who they are (their true identity in God). There are Muslims who understand who they are (Identity in God), as well as some Christians. Weren’t we taught not to judge books by their covers? 

Identity (Christ) isn’t in labels. It’s in understanding who God IS, and God is LOVE — And so are YOU

How is LOVE restricted to a label or a group of people only? Just HOW?! To believe in Christ is to believe in WHO YOU TRULY ARE. It’s to grant yourself PERMISSION to be FULLY You, to be LOVE! It’s funny how Jesus emphasized greatly on LOVE, and LOVING. Realize YOU, then Express YOU; for without the first, the second is invalid. What God said about Himself (Christ — the Truth — Who you are) is far beyond what Labels can bountifully describe.

There are they who are wonderful believers of Christ (their True Identity in God), and aren’t in the religion you could possibly expect; in fact the least people you could possibly expect. And there are they who are called Christians, ‘expected’ to be believers of Christ, yet, have no clue WHO THEY ARE (Christ). Paul goes on to say, aren’t we to look beyond what we think of people based on labels and appearances? What God displayed in Christ is enough. Hence, we consider no man anymore after what we could possibly think (unsound evaluations). Rather, we judge based on what God thinks (Christ). If you should at all label a person, label them Christ (LOVE). How else could they possibly know themselves, if they are not re-minded who they are?

Preach the message, go into the world, let the people know that their IDENTITY IS CHRIST — LOVE!


WELCOME. Enjoy this little something, for it is only a playful reminder.


* * *
I’m speaking to inform YOU
Incase you have no CLUE
Take notes, my words are food to CHEW
God didn’t rest until He created YOU
Not even in forms of low STATURE
He created you in His IMAGE
What are YOU? 

You are in GOD’S IMAGE
Of Heavenly LINEAGE
Are you ready to think?
To think Consciously? 
Do you have any idea what you are Now?

The favorite of GOD’S CREATIONS!
You are an Holy NATION.
Wonder why CHRIST took your FORM?
lt’s enough to make you BRAINSTORM
You are powerful beyond MEASURE
You are all of GOD’S TREASURE
As CHRIST is, so are YOU
In all aspects and HUE
Do You Know Thyself? 
Just as you have been KNOWN? 

You see the rainbow and call it BEAUTIFUL
You see nature blossom in diversity and call it PERFECT
You see the butterfly metamorphosis and say AWESOME
You stand at the sight of a magnificent landscape  and exclaim INCREDIBLE
You watch the Lotus spring from the mud and say MAGICAL
You watch a mother being delivered of a bouncing baby and you stay STUNNED. 
Did you know you are the DEFINER? 
Because you are even HIGHER. 

Allow me burst your BRAIN
Allow me let loose every mental CHAIN.
Did you know GOD considers you BELOVED? 
Why then do you ever feel UNLOVED? 
Did you know God has a picture of you in his WALLET? 
You may even consider it an AMULET
He takes it everywhere.Even to the TOILET 
Did  you know God dreams about YOU? 
Did you know God is in Awe of YOU? 
Even the devil is seeking to understand YOU
The angels wonder  because of YOU
You are not a MISTAKE
So be at PEACE
And take a BREAK
Ignore that snake giving you a HEADACHE

Do you know what it means to be a MASTERPIECE? 
It’s not just about being the best of CREATION 
It’s also about being a piece from the MASTER
You’re the grandest of Gods INTENTION 
A piece of the ROCK
A chip of the never aging BLOCK
You are the best of history’s NARRATION 
This isn’t up for NEGOTIATION
At this JUNCTURE. 
Give yourself a standing OVATION. 
* * *

Thank YOU. Have a great day.



Only recently did we discuss OUR identity in God as revealed by Christ; the understanding of which could and would change everything. One time we were in darkness, now, we move. This wouldn’t be some lengthy post like the last, there would be no boring gist. We are not here to PLAY. haha!

Times without number, I’ve heard people talk about GRACE like it is something added to the cooking ingredients of man to make man all curried up. Not to worry, I’ve also done that. However, Grace didn’t come to hype man or lie to make man beautiful. Grace is all for TRUTH.

“If not for Grace, where would I be?”

Of a truth, if not for Grace, we would still be in darkness, i.e. ignorance. Remember again I said Grace didn’t come to hype you or lie. All grace came to do was REVEAL your worth and true place in God; bring to light the awesome that you are. Do you feel inadequate? Insecure? Worthless? And full of all things displeasing before God? Hang on, Grace has a little something for you today.

“What is man that You are mindful of him, and the son of man that You care for him?” – Psalm 8:4

Consider your mind as a human. In what way can you measure it? The “mind” of this body, as we know it, is immeasurable, beyond measure, endless, infinite, huge, enormous, I can go on and on though. In physical terms, it is dimensionless; without dimension, inestimable. By no means can it and would it be measured. Not in this life. Remember when Abraham was given the opportunity to count the sand at the sea shores? The opportunity to count the stars in the sky? It’s about the vastness of space. He could in no way measure. Likewise your mind. It is in no way measurable.

We move on to what Grace yet seeks to reveal today. In the light of the same understanding that we have about our mind, consider God being MINDFUL of You. Deconstructing the word MINDFUL, we realize God’s MIND is FULL of you. He isn’t just mindful (i.e. aware) of you. His mind is actually full of you. I know you haven’t seen the twist yet. Haha! With the beginning thought that our mind alone is quite dimensionless and infinite, I beg you to consider what God’s mind would be like. Of course, God’s mind is in fact just as vast (if there’s such a word as vaster sef. LOL).

However, this isn’t the bone of contention 😉. Grace seeks to reveal there’s something actually capable of filling God’s DIMENSIONLESS mind. What could that possibly be? Just so you know, for a container to be full, the content has to be of same dimension. You think you are worthless? Grace would like to have you know you, in fact, have a worth that is so great a value cannot be placed on it. You are that infinite essence that fills God’s infinite mind. To God, you are of valuable essence, your existence isn’t a waste.

How can whatever fills God’s (Love’s) mind be inadequate? Alone? Insecure? Worthless? Or even lack LOVE? Just HOW!


All God knows is YOU. Be at PEACE, for you are COMPLETE; because God. God doesn’t think you less than Himself. God considers you just as valuable as Himself. You are INVALUABLE, LOVED, ACCEPTED, COMPLETE, SECURE, RIGHTEOUS, WORTHY, INFINITE.

“How precious also are your thoughts of me, O God! How vast is the sum of them. If I could count them, they would outnumber the sand. When I am done counting, I would only be beginning” – Psalm 139:17-18


Be YOU; because YOU are the most important infinite essence to God.


I beg us to consider and meditate on this, for when you realize your worth, you ultimately realize your neighbor’s. Do have a great week ✌️

On Issues of IDENTITY

A time in my life, after I was “SAVED”, I still didn’t feel SAFE. A friend made this statement yesterday that resonated within me.

“It is a terrible thing to live without knowing how awesome you TRULY are” – Effiong (The Rabbi).

Without realizing the awesome that you are, every decision made would be made out of uncertainties and fear of the unknown. Even for someone who “received” Jesus and was SAVED. He still doesn’t feel SAFE, because ignorant of what REALITY is. In my observation, it all began from hearing wrong about self. Listening to some pretty unhealthy news about Self.

From birth, we heard the news that we all sinned in Adam, and we carried on making Adam our reference henceforth. We made Adam our identity, the “one” who had the separation mindset since Eden. Hence, hearing the unpleasant news about ourselves. Leaving us ignorant of Who We Truly Are. Separated from our true identity, we hence lived life from a deluded mindset; living out the darkness initially meant to help us experience the light that we are.

“And because we do not know WHO WE TRULY ARE, we therefore live out WHO WE TRULY AREN’T”

We became blinded to a life that was supposed to be of PEACE, LOVE, ACCEPTANCE, UNITY, ASSURANCE, HEALTH and REST, and started to live out a life of WAR, HATE, REJECTION, DIVISIONS, FEAR, SICKNESS and LABOR. All because we made Adam our reference point. Again, a separated mindset. A lost IDENTITYSIN. Whereas, Jesus came and died for better. How that we didn’t hear the news that Jesus is our legitimate reference point baffles me though. I implore you to stop hearing the news that Adam is your reference point. He no longer is (he, in fact, never was). Move on from there.

How is it that we didn’t need to believe in Adam before we became SINNERS? The horrible news was just passed on to us. And because of one man’s sin, we all became condemned to a fate never meant for us. So hard is it for us to believe that before we were ever thought of being born, Jesus came and undid all that ADAM did. How come we were born to not believe one to participate and believe the other to participate. Nothing fair about that news to even make it good in the first place. We just didn’t get God’s message right.

We listened to God’s statement from an entirely different perspective, and we passed it on over years. Doesn’t make it TRUTH however.


“And we know that the Son of God has come, and has given us UNDERSTANDING so that we know the true ONE, and are in union with the truth One–that is, we are in union with His Son Jesus Christ. He is the true God and the Life of the Ages” – John

Christ came to give us an understanding. He came to give us insight. He didn’t come to play. Seeing that we have been living out WHO WE TRULY AREN’T, Christ came to give us insight on WHO WE TRULY ARE. Christ is the understanding; the understanding of which could change everything. The understanding that God is our point of reference, and not Adam. The understanding that SIN isn’t our identity, but RIGHTEOUSNESS is.  Never should we have heard we were sinners, or ever separated from God or even condemned by God at all. All was a lie. We all were never to hear such news – news that was never about Christ; the understanding of our Identity.

WHO ARE WE TRULY? At least, I know who we aren’t… We aren’t enemies of God, slaves of God, servant of God, or even separated from God e.t.c. We are but SONS of God. One WITH God. Always IN God. Living AS God. Our Identity is LOVE, PEACE and RIGHTEOUSNESS. Reason is we have always been ACCEPTED, HOLY, BLAMELESS.

Interesting part is “whatever God knows to be TRUE” never changes. And he knew you before he formed you to be HOLY and BLAMELESS before Him in LOVE. Why then have you chosen to know yourself differently because of what your Pastor says happened to you in Adam? Do you realize what God knows you to be true before the foundations of the world is waaaaay greater than what happened to you in Adam.


The knowledge He (God) has of you is of PEACE and not of EVIL. In other for you to ACCEPT and LOVE Yourself, FEEL SAFE in being SAVED; which is your EXPECTED END. Be at PEACE with yourself, in yourself and all things around you. So you know, God didn’t change his mind about you because of Jesus. Rather, Jesus is God’s mind made up about you before the world was formed.

Again, I say remain at peace, for God is at peace with you.


Have a great weekend in Advance. 🙌

God’s Opinion of YOU

Basis: God is Love. God is self existing: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. One God (one love), bound to/by nothing. The relationship is God. The oneness is God. The True God. Our God is love. This God is our Father .

You are in Christ. You’re as Christ is, and Christ is in the bosom of our Father. You’re his selfie, you have his DNA, he’s your source. Yeah! You already know all these.

God's opinion

John writes that “this is not a new message; it is the word that was from the beginning. Yet it is new, for that which is true in him, is equally true in you” (1 Jn 2:7, 8)

The first Hebrew word in the Bible, bereshet, from berosh, literally means “in the head.” God had you in mind from the beginning

God’s love is extreme and excessively elaborate. God’s love goes beyond every reason you have for him not loving you. God’s love goes beyond necessity. It lacks moderation, balance and restraint. God’s love is not cautious but extravagant.

Every invention begins with an original thought. You are God’s original thought. You’re the initiative of the person of Love, the fruit of his creative inspiration, his intimate design and love-dream.

This is the love your Father in heaven has towards you. He wants you to know this. He has you. He holds you. You’re his heart, and no man walks without his heart. He goes all out for you. He goes miles out of your imagination to see you in place. If God “worries”, he would do that for you not to worry. This is how daddy God sees and loves you. Rest in knowing this.

“There is only one who is good” Jesus says, and that One is your Father, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. He is gracious and merciful, He is pleasant, He is beautiful, He’s not uptight, He’s wonderful, He is agreeable, He’s excellent and noble by nature. He’s lovely, He is gentle, He is easy, He is delightful, He is enjoyable. Your Father is nice.” – a quote from the blog.

Love's Opinion

This doesn’t just happen when you’re good or faithful or conscious of His goodness, He is good ALL THE TIME. Always think on His love for you, make Love’s thought and plan your meditation. Always remember you’re in His embrace of love. He’s awesome.

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Love Heals


Basis: GOD is LOVE

Love wins.

Love Prevails.

Love is the end,

As it is the beginning.


One heart is beat,

The other is dead,

Say another is pallid,

Love feels,

Love cares,

Love helps.


One heart is lost,

The other is obdurate,

Say another is misguided,

Love feels,

Love cares,

Love helps.


One heart fears,

The other is uncertain,

Say another is grieved,

Love feels,

Love cares,

Love helps,


He says “My mind is FULL of YOU”

Love is bothered about your well-being.

Love is your healing.

Love has YOU.


Well… One thing I know, Love prevails.

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